Main Characters

Jade Weston

JadeJade grew up as a prim and proper girl with brown hair and blue-green eyes. When she turned sixteen, her parents decided they wanted to move to Europe, but Jade rebelled against the change so much they let her stay in the States with her uncle, Douglas. She abandoned her proper upbringing and joined Spur Harbor thinking the job would be practical computer work. However, she had no idea of the dangers she would soon get into. After those dangers presented themselves, she ended up loving field work more so than her technological job.

An outgoing and feisty young woman, Jade quickly loses her temper over the tiniest things. She enjoys computers, guns, the color turquoise, swimming, and mild chaos. She is also incredibly superstitious ... she keeps a lucky rubber duck and rabbit's foot, refuses to walk under ladders, and would rather die if she ever broke a mirror. The only exception to this is her love of black cats. Instead of fearing them, she believes befriending them is a daring display and is almost like staring fear in the mouth. Because of this, she owns a black cat she has named Otto.

Jade also hates a lot of things, most notably, her fear of physical pain. A simple scratch to the normal person is reason for Jade to go into a tizzy. However, Jade has undergone extreme pain of two tattoos as homage to her fellow comrades—a peacock feather that spans diagonally across her back for Ize, and a black fishbone on her upper left arm for Trent. Other than pain, she is also impartial to dogs, coffee, vegetables, being told what to do, and of course ... bad karma.

As a member of the Cove Assemblage under Spur Harbor, Jade not only handles a gun to use in the field. She's one of the organization's main hackers and manages most of the technological work. She holds the rank of third in command aboard the Cove's watercraft, the Aquamarina.

She wields a Glock 19 semi-automatic with an Egyptian-styled black cat image etched in a turquoise stone inlay on the grip, a present from Ize. Her codename is "Peacock," the name Ize jokingly called her when she first saw her; she absolutely hates it but has learned to live with it. She much prefers the name given to her by civilians who have heard of her wrath, "The Green Demon."

Trent Fischer

TrentTrent grew up in an east coast town in South Carolina where he lived with his grandparents and sister after his parents were killed in a motorcycle accident. His grandfather, a fisherman, taught him how to captain a boat and fish. After his grandparents' passing, he traveled to Florida in search of a job. He joined Spur Harbor mainly for money to help his younger sister, Tess, through medical school. He was partnered up with Ize Levesque when she joined looking for work as well two years after his induction into the organization. It wasn't until Jade showed up three years later that Dominic decided he would be the head of the three-man faction, the Cove Assemblage.

Trent is incredibly calm, reserved, and collected, but he has a dark, jealous, and possessive side. This side is seldom seen, perhaps only when the ones he cares about are involved. He has many hobbies which include fishing, cars, and American football. He enjoys the ocean and being on the water in general. He's happier when it's raining.

Spicy foods are on Trent's do-not-eat list as they give him horrible indigestion. He hates cold weather, the color yellow, and motorcycles. He also avoids all forms of arguments whenever they arise; Ize and Jade's frequent bickering causes him many a headache.

Though Trent is mainly the captain and first in command of the Aquamarina, he is also first and foremost the one that deals with the gritty field work. His skills with firearms are top notch, and Dominic trusts him as one of his best gunmen. He's also very skilled in car pursuits and quick getaways which he partakes in with his trusted silver Nissan.

He mainly wields a Beretta 92FS semi-automatic. His codename is "Silver," derived from his flashy Nissan.

Eliza "Ize" Levesque

IzeBorn and raised in North Florida as Eliza Ann Levesque, Ize (pronounced like "eyes") was the third of four daughters born to Alan and Sylvia Levesque. When she was twenty-two, Ize took on an engineer job at the secret mafia organization, Spur Harbor, to help her sick mother despite her heavy sense of good morals. Though her mother was eventually cured of her disease thanks to Ize's monetary support, Ize continued to work for the organization since she found a niche that she ironically fit into.

Harsh and biting at times, Ize is very much a no-nonsense woman, however, she has a very caring, motherly side for the ones she loves. She enjoys gardening as she grew up in a home surrounded by heavy greenery and her mother's flowers. She also loves leisurely trips to the beach, sunscreen, the color purple, and most importantly of all, her family. Ize values her family over everything else in her life and tries her hardest to keep her parents and three sisters as close to her as possible.

Obviously, Ize dislikes sunburns as she is a natural redhead and has skin prone to burn easily. She also hates fried foods, jellyfish, tardiness, back talk, and bratty children.

Ize ranks second in command aboard the Aquamarina in the Cove Assemblage trio. Her main skills are engineering and light mechanical work aboard the attack craft. She doesn't like to resort to her gun, but she is an incredible sharp shooter. This skill is what earned her the nickname "Ize"—when the head of Spur Harbor, Dominic, learned she took down one of his enemies in a single shot to the head, he threatened everyone that he had his "Ize" on them. Everyone in the organization has referred to her as such since. As if it weren't obvious enough, she's also Dominic's favorite.

She wields a Browning 9mm semi-automatic. Her codename is "Wisteria," which is her favorite flowering plant.

Dominic Largent

DominicDominic was twenty-three years old and an engineer right out of technical school when Hurricane Jane struck his hometown of St. Augustine, Florida. The business he had set up with his friend was strong enough to withstand most of the damage the storm caused, so Dominic worked to raise the city out of the rubble and into new heights mostly on his own. His use of technological advancements pioneered his company until he branched out and took hold of most of the city's other main corporations. Before he knew it, he even had the police forces under his belt and began hiring multiple young, brilliant, and capable bodies and minds to help him do his dirty work to keep the city running according to his standards.

Dominic is fiercely passionate about the city of Augustine and incredibly greedy and controlling. He loves every bit of the money he has accrued from his technological inventions and only spends it on things he can see being used to his personal advantage. Oddly, he sees his trusty employees as his children more than actual employees. He is hard set on seeing them happy.

His rise to power has caused him to make many enemies, all of which he loathes completely. Aside from the people against him, Dominic dislikes ignorance and being outsmarted.

Dominic prefers to be out of the field as he doesn't like getting his hands dirty with things he can pay others to take care of for him. He oversees the entire Spur Harbor organization as well as the companies he has under his thumb.

Minor Characters

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