The Story

Set in 2052, the old city of St. Augustine has been reborn after a hurricane's destruction thirty years prior. Augustine, the city's new name, stands now as a heavy urban environment with sea trade as its main source of capital. It's one of the biggest growing cities in the United States, but its success lies at the hands of an organization, Spur Harbor, which has a powerful influence over most every operation in the city. It's the job of small factions within the organization to make sure everyone answers to the big boss, the magnate of the city ... even if their methods aren't exactly legal.

Augustine focuses around The Cove Assemblage faction comprised of three individuals: Trent Fischer, Ize Levesque, and Jade Weston. The smallest and newest team is quickly becoming the favorite of the head of the organization, Dominic Largent. Since Dominic now chooses The Cove for his top work, their missions have become more dangerous and much grittier. And it's only a matter of time before they get caught up in something much bigger than they bargained for.

The Author & Artist

Ariel Walker has been drawing and imagining things since her early childhood. When she's not drawing, she's obsessing over American football, playing video games, making music, or reading books.

The story for Augustine began around 2009 in the form of a written novel. It wasn't until June of 2012 that Ariel realized meshing her writing and artistic abilities was the best course for the story. Though she writes and draws the graphic novel for her own enjoyment, she also hopes readers and followers of her work will come to love the story as well.